The images below I created early on in foundation, the brief was named 'Distant Landscapes' and like all the other briefs was designed entirely for the fine artists and therefore made it very hard for the Graphic designers to produce any interesting work.. However i decided to take the brief in the direction of contradiction, taking certain images associated with rural or urban landscapes and contradicting them with the opposite.

The image above is of an old farm track near to my house, In order to 'urbanise' this setting I decided that placing the traffic light strategically would create the contradiction needed. It was vital that the traffic light looked real and genuine, otherwise the whole would not work.

There were 5 images in the set, and this was the second, more of a 'visual joke' i liked the concept and idea behind this more than the final image. However i do think it turned out quite nicely.

This was an alternative idea i had for the landscapes brief. Combining Poetry that had been influenced by urban settings and an up-turned cow feeder within the same setting, unfortunately i found a lot of people did not understand what the image was, and the whole idea was lost, however i still like it!

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